See the testimonies from some of Michael's clients:


Vadim Gluzman
Victor Costanzi
Philippe Etter
Lorraine Grescoe
Mark Koenig
Allen Liang
Agnes Roberts
Stephen Wilkes


"I have seen and  played on Michael Altshuler's recent violin in Vancouver. It is a wonderfully  crafted instrument, with rich and powerful sound that has a big potential for  further development. I was happy to see this instrument and wish Mr. Altshuler  lots of success in the future."
- Vadim Gluzman, June 2010

"His expert workmanship on J.B. Vuillaume has restored the sound my instrument once had, and the beautiful craftsmanship of his work is of the very finest order."
  -Agnes Roberts
Professional musician for over 40 years
Toronto Symphony Orchetra TSO
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra VSO
CBC Symphony
CBC Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Music in Toronto and Vancouver 

"Michael  Altshuler's work is unsurpassed in expertise, care and results! I have  trusted him with my Marconcini violin since his arrival in Vancouver.  Thanks to his work, the violin's sound is brighter, freer and more open  then ever - and his honesty and integrity match his luthier skill!"
    - Victor Costanzi
Artistic Director/ Vetta Chamber Series
Soloist/Concertmaster/Chamber Musician


"I am privileged to be the first owner of a Viola dated 2002 by Michael Altshuler. At an age when I should be selling instruments, I bought this instrument at the insistence of my wife, who immediately fell in love with the sound as soon as I brought the viola home. The Viola is superbly crafted and has a rich warm sound and many subtleties of tonal colour, which I am enjoying to the extent that I frequently pick up the instrument for the sheer pleasure of making music on my terms. Michael has been tending to my instruments for the past 10 years and I've always been impressed by his great talent of tuning the various parts of the instruments to a perfect harmony. I have been a professional musician for the past 50 years and have been principal viola with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra before coming to Vancouver in 1969 to play in the Purcell String Quartet for 23 years, touring internationally. I am now in part retirement playing with the Vancouver Symphony and the CBC Radio orchestras of which I was the principal player for many years."
    - Philippe Etter

"When I was looking for a new violin for my student, Kenny Wong, I knew I could count on you to find his the best possible instrument within his price range. And I was right. Kenny has been enjoying his new violin immensely. The violin has a deep and resonant tone and whether Kenny plays is as a soloist, in the orchestra, or as a chamber musician, the violin sounds lovely. I appreciate all the help you give to me and my students. Whether it is a new violin that I am looking for, or requiring your help in getting my students instruments repaired - or bows rehaired - I trust your honesty and integrity completely."
    - Lorraine Grescoe
Member of College of Examiners for Toronto Conservatory of Music
Former member of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Former member of CBC Winnipeg Orchestra
Violin Teacher for over 25 years 

"I have lived in this community for 35 years and am currently a member of both the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the CBC Radio Orchestra. It has been a privilege to have entrusted the care of my instrument to Michael Altshuler."
    - Stephen Wilkes
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
CBC Radio Orchestra 

"For many  years I had an old violin which I used occasionally as a second instrument. Being curious as to its potential, I took the violin  to Michael for restoration. He did extensive work on the instrument including a new bass bar, neck adjustment, bridge, etc.
To my complete astonishment the violin sounds like an instrument of far  superior quality and exceeds anything I could have hoped for. Michael  is not only a wonderful craftsman. His training and unique  gifts serve to make each and every instrument the very best it can possibly be."
    - Mark Koenig
CBC Radio Orchestra
Vancouver Opera Orchestra
 Vancouver Academy of Music

  • "Michael Atlshuler has been providing me unsurpassed service for repairing, adjusting and making new parts for my violin and bows for the past years. Mr. Altshuler has helped me to restore the pristine condition and luscious appearance of my precious instrument, and to achieve the rich, balanced sound that I have always desired. His extensive knowledge and training in violin making and playing has greatly contributed to his uncompromising standard in violin making and repairing, and helped me to acquire essential knowledge for keeping my violin and bows in their best condition! I highly recommend Mr. Altshuler's service to those who are serious about their violin or other string instruments."
      - Allen Liang
    Violin Student